This guide covers some of the most popular resources I’ve collected across the web about getting started with Squarespace. Whether you are small business considering the platform or just getting started with building your website - you’re in the right place. Table of Contents

Why Squarespace?

Since it’s launch, Squarespace has made beautiful products that are design-driven, user-friendly, and performance focused. Learn more why everyone from local artists and restaurants to small business owners and some of the world’s most iconic brands use Squarespace to build their websites.

Squarespace templates

Squarespace templates are the foundation of all Squarespace websites. When it comes to choosing a template, it will be the biggest design decision you make. Use these resources to help narrow down your choices and make a template selection.

Squarespace pricing

If you’re interested in building your website on Squarespace you may be wondering if it is worth your investment. Learn more about Squarespace’s pricing plans, how to choose the right plan and things to consider when thinking about their pricing.

Squarespace vs Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and more

Squarespace is often compared to other popular management content management systems. Learn how it stacks up to Wordpress, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify to determine if it is the right choice for you.

Squarespace reviews

Squarespace gets high reviews for its beautiful templates and powerful customization tools. But does it get the praise it deserves? Get a complete overview of the Squarespace platform in these reviews.

Squarespace tutorials, trainings, and books

Have you decided to jump on the Squarespace bandwagon? Great! These tutorials, trainings, and books will help you get started with building and launching your website from the ground up.

Squarespace example sites

Squarespace has over a million customers that use their platform. Wondering about who uses it? Take a look at these Squarespace example sites for inspiration when building your next website.

Squarespace plugins, tools, and integrations to help grow your website

Once you launch your new Squarespace website the work has only just begun. In order to drive traffic, generate leads and get more sales you need the right tools and resources. Start by using these plugins, tools, and integrations to grow and expand the reach of your website.