The Gathering Triathlon Sprint Race Fundraiser


Please help me support The Gathering Ltd. for my upcoming Sprint Triathlon Race in Elkhart Lake on June 9th. To donate, go to the campaign on GoFundMe.

So I want to fill you guys in on a project that I am working on and an organization that I want to help support.

Right now I’m working on building a website for The Gathering.

A sneak preview into the new Gathering website I am designing

A sneak preview into the new Gathering website I am designing

The Gathering is a non-profit located in Grafton, WI. They offer 24/7 respite care for children and adults with special needs, enabling caregivers the needed break to recharge, regenerate, and relax, knowing their loved one is under the care of trained professionals.

I am working with Matt Meunier on the project, who is president of the organization and a friend of mine from Kiel, Wisconsin.

I was talking to Matt the other day about the sprint Triathlon race in Elkhart, WI that I am participating in on June 9th, along with my girlfriend, Haley.

I asked Matt if I could dedicate my race to The Gathering and set a goal to raise $250 in donations before the race. He said it sounded like a great idea!

So, I am asking out of the kindness of your hearts to help me support The Gathering and hit our goal of raising $250 for them before my race on June 9th. I will start the contributions by donating $50. So only $200 more to go!

All proceeds will go to The Gathering to help them fulfill their dream of building a center where those with special needs can be safely cared for and nurtured while their caregivers take the time to recharge.

All I ask is for you to donate $5 to help this wonderful organization out. If you are unable to donate, please do us a favor and share this for others to see.

To donate, go to the campaign on GoFundMe.


I’m grateful for all your contributions!

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