One Simple Squarespace SEO Lesson (SSL)


Today I’m going to cover one simple Squarespace SEO lesson that I see a lot of people miss on their websites.

I was doing some research for another blog post on example websites that use Squarespace to build their websites, and as I came across these sites I noticed a lot of them did not have SSL enabled.

SO what is SSL? For those of you who don’t know, SSL is basically this technology that secures the connection between your browser and the website you’re visiting.

To verify if your site has SSL enabled, look for a closed locked symbol and a URL beginning with https://, instead of http://.

Screenshoot showing a URL with a closed lock and URL beginning with https://

Google has announced that sites with SSL enabled may help your site load faster and also might help more visitors find your website.

Every Squarespace domain comes with SSL, you just have to go into the settings a make sure you enable it.

To do this, go into Squarespace > settings > advanced > SSL. From there make sure to click the secure button. For most websites, you’ll want to enable the HSTS secure button as well. If you want to learn a little bit more about those SSL options, check out this help center article from Squarespace.

Screenshot showing Squarespace SSL enabled

There’s your lesson for the day. Make sure to check your website and make sure your site is secure going forward. It’s really simple, and a no brainer.

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