One Simple Hack To Choosing A Squarespace Template


Choosing a template is one of the biggest decisions you have to make when it comes to building your website on Squarespace.

While Squarespace offers fewer templates than other CMS’s like Wordpress and Wix, you still have over 45+ choices to decide from. That’s a lot!

Something us humans go through when faced with too many decisions is called decision fatigue. In short, when we have too many choices to decide from, we end up doing nothing at all. That’s the last thing we want to happen when it comes to building your site.

When I was choosing a template for my new website on Squarespace, I was going through a lot of back and forth between templates. It was a waste of my time and preventing me from my ultimate goal of launching the website.

I had enough. I knew it was time to get help. But how?

Well, one thing I love about Squarespace is their customer support team. Whenever I have a question about Squarespace, I go directly to them. I don’t waste my time searching through un-ending articles online, because I know they have the answer 99% of the time.

Ding ding ding!

This is exactly why Squarespace has an award-winning customer care team. It’s their job to help you. Plus, they know the platform like the back of their hands, so who better to go to for help than them?

In this post, I’m going to walk you through how to get in touch with Squarespace customer care. I’m also going to share a few tips for your conversation along with an example conversation I had so you can make a smart template choice.

How to get in touch with Squarespace Customer Care

Most of you might know how to do this already, but I’m going to show you again to make sure I take you to the right place.

  1. Go to the Contact Customer Care support page and log in if you have an account (this will help you get faster service)

  2. Select Starting your Squarespace Account in the How can we help you dropdown menu

  3. Select Choosing a template in the Tell us more dropdown menu.

  4. From there click Live chat to get connected with customer care

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Things to mention to Squarespace Customer Care when asking for help to choose a template

There are a few things you want to mention when chatting with Squarespace to help them make an informed recommendation on your template.

The primary goal of your website

Are you looking to drive online sales, generate leads, schedule appointments, or attract visitors? You’ll want to let them know this when chatting. The most important thing about your website is having a template that will help you achieve your primary goal.

Inspiration sites

What types of websites inspire you? Share a few different examples of sites you like so they can get a better idea of the design you’re envisioning.

Check out these 73 Squarespace website examples for inspiration.

Business type and a short description

Are you a B2B business, blogger, non-profit, online store, or photographer? Be sure to let them know who you are and provide a short description of the services or products your business offers.

Types of features you are looking to showcase

Will your website be visually heavy? Or will it be more text-focused? Let them know the types of content your website will feature. Also, tell them if you want certain features like index pages, sidebars, full-bleed images, online store or video banners included in your template.

Example conversation I had with Squarespace Customer Care

Below is a real conversation I had with Squarespace Customer Care. I reached out to them looking for advice on what template to choose. Look through the conversation for the different talking points I mentioned above.

Tyler: Hello, I need help choosing a template for my website.

James C.: Hey Tyler! Appreciate you reaching out to Squarespace support. My name is James, and I'll be taking care of you today. I'd be happy to help you with your template question here.

Tyler: So I am in the middle of switching from Wordpress to Squarespace. Right now my business is primarily focused on offering services that help people build websites on Squarespace. So I offer services like 1:1 trainings, online courses, and workshops. I'm also looking to potentially offer some digital products so I'll need an eCommerce store as well.

James C.: Ahh okay, got it.

James C.: A few things here:

Tyler: Okay

James C.: Any of our templates would work for your needs here, since they all (for the most part) have the same features. It really comes down to personal choice, choosing a template that you think looks great. With this in mind, I personally like templates in the Brine template family. You can read more about this here:

James C.: I would say the closest guide we have specifically for designing a site like this would be a portfolio site, where you can show off your work and resume. Check out our guide on this here:

James C.: It may also help to review our guide on getting started with good design practices:

James C.: Finally, in order to sell products, you would need to be on a Business plan or higher. You can read more about getting started with Squarespace commerce here:

Tyler: Okay thanks for all this. So I'm not actually designing websites for people, I'm teaching them how to do it so they know how to do it themselves later on. So I suppose I could have some sort of portfolio, but it's not like I'm exactly a freelancer doing it for them.

Tyler: Here is a link to my current website on Wordpress. I like the template I have here for the most part, so what template of yours do you reccomend that closely resembles this one as a good starting point for me?


James C.: I'd recommend the template Pursuit. Check it out:

James C.: That template is part of the Brine family, as I linked above.

Tyler: Okay, thank you. Yah I will be going through a bit of a redesign from my current site so I can update my services/products.

Tyler: But with the new site I'd like a little more color/banner images for certain pages than the pursuit demo. Would you reccomend just starting with the Brine template and customizing it from there? Or is there another template in the Brine family that fits that description more?

James C.: Any of the Brine template family would work, including Pursuit. You can add banner images to Regular Pages in any Brine template:

James C.: If you don't have any other questions for me at the moment, hope the rest of your day goes well! Take care.

Tyler: I'm just wondering if you had a second recommended template rather than Pursuit, what would you choose?

James C.: Nueva is great too:

James C.: Otherwise, you're more than welcome to visit our template page and type in key words related to your business here:

Tyler: Great! Thanks so much for your help. This will be a good starting point for me.

James C.: You're very welcome! Take care Tyler.

Other resources to help you with choosing a template

While the main point of this blog is to use Squarespace support to help you pick a template, here are a few more resources to get your ready for your conversation.

Need more help with choosing a template?

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