3 Ways To Set Up An Under Construction Page On Squarespace

An example of my personal under construction page built on squarespace

If you’re like me and are anxious to get your website live even though you might not have all your content ready, or are going through a website redesign, you can create an under construction page.

I recently switched my website from Wordpress to Squarespace and wanted to let my visitors know my site was being revamped while I switched. An under construction page is the perfect solution to do just that.

Setting up an under construction page is a good way to maintain your web presence while building anticipation for your new website.

In this tutorial, I’m going to show you three different ways you can set up an under construction page on your Squarespace website.

Watch the video tutorial

Create your own under construction page

I’ve outlined 3 different ways to help create your own construction page below. Jump to one of the specific options below to get started.

Way 1 - Design a lock screen

You can use your lock screen as an under construction page while putting the finishing touches on your site. This is the fastest way to get your under construction page set up.

Get started

To design your lock screen navigate to design > lock screen from the home menu. This will bring you to a preview of your lock screen page. You’ll start with a blank design as you see below.

Lock Screen Home Page

Choose a layout

From there, choose the design layout you want to use for your lock screen.

Choosing a lock screen layout

Update branding and text

After picking your design layout, update your page with a logo, headline, and description.

Lock page branding an text editor

Add a background image or video

Next, update your lock screen with an image or a video to give your page some life. You can also upload multiple images to create a background slideshow.

Lock Screen Add an Image

Adjust your style

In the style panel, update your lock’s screen font and colors to your liking. You can update everything from font type, weight, size, spacing and much more.


Set your password and lock screen live

Lastly, you’ll want to set your lock screen to live so visitors can access your page. To do this, go to settings > site visibility from the home menu and choose the password protected option. Give your lock screen a password, save it, and your lock screen will be ready to use.


Way 2 - Create a regular page

For a more custom approach for your under construction page, you can use a regular page. This route will let you utilize Squarespace’s different blocks and custom code options.

Get started

To create a regular page, go to pages from the home menu and click the + icon to create a new page.


Example regular page as an under construction page

Here is an example regular page I created as an under construction page. It includes a header, description, image block, and a form block with the lightbox mode enabled.

Regular page under construction set up.jpg

Set the homepage

After creating your page, set it as your homepage so that visitors will see it when they come to your site. To do this, go to pages from the home menu. Find the page you created and click the gear icon to open the page settings. From there, scroll down and click set as homepage.


Disable pages or move to non-linked section

One important thing to remember after setting your homepage is to either disable your other pages or drag them to the non-linked section in the pages panel. You want to do this to ensure your under construction page is the only visible page while you are designing your site.


Way 3 - Set up a cover page

My favorite way to set up an under construction page is by using a cover page. A cover page is a pre-styled layout separate from your template. It’s a great option for a beautiful, responsive one-page construction site.

Get started

To get started with creating a cover page, go to pages > add page > cover page from the home menu. This will bring you to the cover page menu like you see below where you can start customizing your site.

Cover Page Home Menu.png

Select a layout

Once you get to the cover page menu, start by selecting a layout from the different options available.

Choose a cover page layout panel

Add branding and text

After selecting your layout, start filling in your cover page by adding branding, a headline, and body text.


Add an action type

You want your cover page to have a clear goal. Do you want to start building newsletter subscribers? Or do you want visitors to get in touch with you via a contact form? To do this, add an action to your cover page. In this instance, I set up a form on my cover page.


Connect and add social media accounts

If you already have existing social media accounts, connect and add them to your cover page. To do this, select social icons from the cover page home menu and click display social icons.


Adjust the style

Once you have finished adding all the content to your cover page, make any finishing tweaks by adjusting the style. You can change fonts, layouts, colors, and more from the style menu. Customize your styles until you find the perfect design.


Set cover page as the homepage

To set the cover page as the first page visitors see when visiting your website, you need to set it as the homepage. To do this, select the gear icon from the cover page home panel and click set as homepage.

Set cover page as home page.jpg

Need help getting your under construction page set up?

There you have it! I hope this helped you set up your under construction page on Squarespace.

Still need help? Set up a free 20-min consultation call or book a one-on-one training session with me and we’ll work through building your under construction page together.

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